Lila Hurst
Lila Hurst's Fundraiser

One mile a day for 26 days to support the Danny Did Foundation. Your support will help kids with epilepsy awareness devices.

Please consider supporting my 26 miles for those suffering with seizures.

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My son Logan who is now six years old had a seizure February 15, 2020 I was terrified I have no clue what to do I didn’t know what was wrong. 4 days later he was diagnosed with epilepsy. My heart sunk to my feet. The fear started to run my life. Logan wasn’t aloud to be alone, sleep alone, someone had to be next to him at all times. Then we found the embrace 2 it’s a seizure monitoring device that gives Logan some freedom from my fear. Danny did paid for not only his watch but for a year service. They help hundreds of kids like Logan. So I’m hopeful I can do my part to help even just one. So our team will walk one mile a day for 26 days in October 2020. Anything will help.