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For all the Danny Boys

Please help raise funds and awareness for those living with Epilepsy


$5,845 towards $3,600

Thank you all so much for helping raise more than $3600 in honor of Dan's 36 years on this earth! Our family is so grateful for your love and support, as is the incredible Danny Did Foundation.

If you are inclined to give in Dan's honor, please do so on the page of my friend, Lauren Alessi: She is running her first marathon and doing so for Danny Did! Lauren and I, along with my friend Jill Galuzzi, are honored to run on behalf of all those living with Epilepsy.

In 2021, I celebrated what should have been my big brother's 40th year by running Chicago, the place he was born, in his honor for the incredible Danny Did Foundation. Training for and running the marathon was truly a spiritual experience. My time pounding the pavement around Medway, MA with my dog, Foley, allowed me to reflect on, think about, and talk to my brother, who we lost on September 14, 2017, to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). I'm hoping to raise $3600 to honor my Danny's 36 years on this earth.

I thought for sure that I was a one-and-done marathoner, but being a part of the Danny Did Foundation community has been such a positive, uplifting, and healing process, that I am back for Round 2 in 2022! Running with me is my dear friend Jill Galuzzi, who also knew my Danny from high school. We are so excited to be part of this team together and get to spend four (ok, maybe five...or six) uninterrupted hours together running Chicago.

Thank you so much for helping me honor my big brother, along with Danny Stanton, and all the others we have lost too soon to SUDEP. With your generosity, we can ensure that families in need of seizure monitor devices get them, we can increase understanding of epilepsy, and we can help raise awareness of SUDEP.

I am grateful to follow Danny Stanton's advice to enjoy life by running a marathon - really. Thank you so much for your support.