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Julia runs the Chicago Marathon for Team Danny Did image

Julia runs the Chicago Marathon for Team Danny Did

This marathon we’re raising money for epilepsy advocacy


$1,750 towards $1,750

Why Team Danny Did?

April 2022 I ran the Boston Marathon, my first and at the time, the only one I wanted to do because I told my late mother I’d do it when I grew up.

Now I’m chasing the Abbotts World Majors Marathon medal which consists of 6 of the worlds most prestigious marathons.

The days following the Boston Marathon I started to research how quickly I could run the worlds marathon, started I started researching charities when I saw ‘Team Danny Did’. The charity was initially picked because of a crush I have on a guy named Danny from Chicago
but lead me to realize what an important cause I could possibly be apart of.

Danny was 4 when he passed in 2010 from seizure complications. The foundation name came from the last line of his obituary ‘Please go and enjoy your life. Danny Did’. His family’s reached out to my eand I knew this was the team I wanted to join.

This marathon I only need 100 friends to donate 17$ bc Chicago is way more equitable than Boston in the charity effort.

And did I mention the Chicago Marathon is right around my birthday? When you’re looking to get me something donate here