Robyn Bratica
Robyn Bratica's Fundraiser

I am running the Chicago Marathon in support of the Danny Did Foundation. Your gift will help protect kids with Epilepsy.

Please consider supporting my 26.2 miles for those suffering with seizures.

$1,300 towards $1,750

When Juliet was only a year old, she was diagnosed with complex partial seizures, a form of epilepsy. Her EEG showed that she was constantly going in and out of short seizures. We started a medication and her seizures seemed better controlled and transient.

Then in September 2017 her seizures changed. She began having bigger seizures, that while not convulsive, still caused her to stop breathing. She had 2 seizures like this, and both times needed rescue medication to come out of them and breathe on her own again. Though we started a new medication and they appear well-controlled, I continue to fear the day one comes again... and just pray it’s not night while I’m asleep. I am lucky Juliet’s seizures respond to rescue medication, but I have to know the seizure is happening to be able to administer the medication before it is too late. This has led to many sleepless nights.

I could live in fear, or I could take action. I chose the later and am supporting The Danny Did Foundation to raise awareness and funding for the prevention of one of my greatest fears, sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP).