David Harris
David Harris's Fundraiser

I'm doing another marathon to support Danny Did - this time running instead of dancing!

Please consider supporting Danny Did and my passion to complete senseless challenges for a good cause!

$1,000 towards $1,750

I'm excited to participate in my second Danny Did marathon and help support those suffering with seizures!

I first engaged with Danny Did as a student at Northwestern University serving on the executive board of our Dance Marathon. It was an honor to partner with Danny Did in raising more than $1.2M to help prevent Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). And dancing for 30 hours with 1,000 others was a great way to celebrate that achievement! I was touched by the Stanton family's story and dedication to honoring Danny's legacy so have stayed connected with the organization in the six years since.

As for my story with running, I went from "couch to marathon" when my little brother challenged me to join in racing the 2018 SF Marathon. What I expected to be a bucket list experience evolved into a passion when I discovered the joy, clarity, and health that distance running brings. The Chicago Marathon will be my fifth marathon in two years and first Major.

Thanks for your support of Danny Did and my love of endurance sports!