Ann McVady
Ann McVady's Fundraiser

I am running the Chicago Marathon in support of the Danny Did Foundation. Your gift will help protect kids with Epilepsy.

Please consider supporting my 26.2 miles for those suffering with seizures.

$2,926 towards $1,750

I made the decision to run my first marathon to help raise money for the Danny Did Foundation. My decision was twofold because I went to high school with Mariann (the co founder of this charity and Danny’s mom) and our daughter, Erin, who is currently a junior in high school and has Epilepsy. Erin had a VNS put in last year to better control her seizures, because she was becoming resistant to the medicines. This technology, along with an amazing neurologist and neurosurgeon will allow her to have a healthier and more independent life. Having a child with a medical condition puts things into perspective on a daily basis, and we are very grateful to be where we are at today.

Our Erin has always been full of tenacity since she was little, and her determination has long been something I have admired. When I am running I think of her attitude and tell myself I CAN do this. Yes, I am sure many of you may be she crazy....her 1st marathon at her age? Well, if all these kids with Epilepsy can overcome daily obstacles, I can certainly do this!

Please consider donating whatever you can to support an outstanding Foundation that helps children with Epilepsy.

The seizure monitoring devices that the Foundation provides grants for range in price from $400 to $975. What an impact we could make in the life of families if we together reach or exceed my fundraising goal. Together WE can make a difference.

Danny Did Foundation Vision:

To create a reality in which healthcare providers proactively communicate with patients and caregivers about the risk of SUDEP and other forms of mortality associated with epilepsy. To elevate awareness of, and access to, technologies that enable early intervention and added safety when a seizure occurs.

Thank you for reading and supporting my journey.